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From Vision To Focus

Our vision was to develop a software capability that would leverage our payment processing technology to grow our automotive customers’ revenues while reducing their costs. 1stMILE is the culmination of five years of software development and partnerships with over thirty automotive Point-of-Sale software providers and virtually every payment card issuer in the automotive industry.

The foundation of our technology is our payment gateway that has been an industry leading front end for over twenty years. We process $14.5 Billion dollars in volume and 55 million transactions annually for our customers. From this platform we started the development of 1stMILE and for the first time focused all our resources on the automotive industry.

Revenue Partners

The automotive industry has been served with retail finance cards that provide financing to consumers. 1stMILE has automated the application process and use of these cards to increase our average customers’ revenue over $25,000 dollars per year. We have also integrated support for fleet cards that has increased our average customers revenue by an additional $25,000 dollars annually.

Point-of-Sale Partners

The typical automotive shop owner was faced with complex monthly accounting reconciliation and multiple credit card terminals to cover all card types. 1stMILE has been integrated in over thirty industry-leading automotive Point-of-Sale and shop management software packages. This integrated approach allows our customers to focus on their business while 1stMILE manages their payments.

Non-Stop Service

In today’s rapidly evolving payment industry compliance, fraud, risk and cost require constant focus and attention. Through the innovative use of technology and business intelligence tools 1stMILE delivers non-stop service to our customers. We have designed and deployed technology that monitors every transaction for cost, fraud and reliability. This technology is underpinned by our team members who are committed to our customer’s needs and satisfaction.

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Drive Revenue

Drive $50,000 in New Revenue

Retail Finance Cards

1stMILE software has been specifically designed to increase revenues for automotive shop owners. We have formed relationships and completed technical integrations with the leading automotive retail finance cards including Bridgestone/Firestone and Goodyear cards.

Saving Customers

By automating the credit application process we provide the shop owner the ability to help a customer receive instant financing. For many consumers this is the difference between getting the new set of tires or leaving to drive on old unsafe tires. You no longer have to turn away your customer or send them to the corner to fill out complex forms and fax or phone information back and forth to the creditor.

Increasing Tickets

1stMILE includes a message to the cashier to offer financing for orders over $250. This accomplishes two things for the shop owner. First it informs the consumer that they have an additional finance opportunity and secondly the cashier can look up available credit for consumers that already have a retail finance card. This process will move consumers from traditional credit cards to the retail finance card. Our average automotive shop owner averages a $100 increase in average ticket value for these transactions. This translates into an annual increase of $25,000 in revenue.

Fleet Cards

1stMILE is the first software to offer fleet cards, retail finance cards and traditional credit cards in a single package. One card reader — any card! Our team helps our customers to sign up for fleet cards and also insures that our customers are in all of the marketing materials that are made available to fleet owners.

By participating in the network of fleet owners that use these specialized cards, our typical automotive shop owner sees an average ticket for fleet transactions of $1000. This translates into over $25,000 of incremental revenue annually for our average shop owner.

Our Commitment

Our team is committed to bring innovative technology and world-class partners together to help our customers drive and grow their revenues.

Retail Finance & Fleet Cards

Goodyear Card
Service Central Card
WEX Fleet Card
Bridgestone - Firestone Card
Midas Card
Voyager Fleet Card
Bosch Card
Fleet One Card
Fuelman Fleet Card
AutoPass Card
Big O Tires Card

*Retail Finance Card Setup with Bank Required

Drive Savings

Drive Processing Costs Down

Traditional Pricing

The typical payment processing sales organization offers a cost-plus program or a tiered pricing model. The problem with these programs is that as you pay more, they make more money. They have no incentive in providing technology or services that will continually drive your costs down. They will tell you they only make a small number of basis points above interchange. There is more to the story.

Software License Pricing

1stMILE software is licensed for a monthly license fee. Our team then underwrites our automotive customers at interchange with no additional fees or charges. This model aligns our interests with our customers. We have complete transparency with our customers and as we drive their costs and fees down, we not only have a satisfied customer but our value proposition for the next customer is improved.


When banks issue a new credit card they enter into an agreement with the card network like Visa or MasterCard. Part of that agreement outlines the interchange rates and fees for that card type. Often, the interchange rate may vary based on the information provided with the transaction or the method the card was entered. When the transaction is sent with missing information or is keyed versus swiped, the transaction will be downgraded. This results in higher interchange rates and fees. 1stMILE software is designed to look at every transaction and insures the appropriate information is included and the cashier is directed toward swiped transactions.

Debit Versus Credit

The interchange rates and fees are dramatically lower for debit transactions than for typical credit transactions. 1stMILE software has been designed to support all types of debit transactions and to direct cashiers to debit transactions.

Our Promise

The 1stMILE team will align our interests with our customers, utilize sophisticated business intelligence tools to analyze every transaction and assist our customers to achieve the lowest possible interchange rates and fees.

The Tool Box

Integrated & Stand Alone Versions

No Fees

No Markups

No Cancellation Fees

All Major Credit Cards

Retail Finance Cards

Fleet Purchase Cards

Gift & Loyalty Cards

Credit Card Tokenization

Next Day Funding

Mobile Wallet Enabled

Hardware Acquisition

EMV Ready

PCI Compliance Program

Signature Capture

Check & ACH Services

Drive Results


When technology and systems are developed independently of each other and then deployed in the same business setting, the results can be inefficient and costly. Payment systems have been designed as general-purpose solutions with little thought given to a particular industry or other systems and technologies deployed.

1stMILE is the first software designed to be a central point of integration for the automotive industry. 1stMILE software integrates with the automotive shop’s Point-of-Sale, management software, payment card networks, security systems and the automotive shop personnel that use them.

Point-of-Sale & Management Software Partners

Over the last five years, we have entered into agreements with over thirty leading-automotive Point-of-Sale and management software companies. Through these integrations our joint customers can move seamlessly from updating a work order to processing a payment.

Together we can offer capabilities that include signature capture for both the work order and the payment. This allows the electronic storage of signed work orders and payments eliminating costly handling and storage of paper documents.

We share critical information to drive transaction costs down or to provide retail finance banks the information they need to perform instant credit approvals.

Together, we link shop owner’s customer databases to stored credit card profiles to allow recurring customers to be billed against a card on file.

Before 1stMILE, many shop owners had multiple payment terminals and had to train their personnel to swipe retail finance cards on one terminal, fleet cards on their terminal and traditional credit cards on another. 1stMILE integrates to all the card networks allowing shop personnel to swipe any card through 1stMILE. No more training on card types and cumbersome processes.

Our Partners

We believe as strongly in our partners as we do our customers. By working together and sharing our collective ideas and vision we bring unprecedented capabilities and efficiencies to our customers. Our mutual goal is to drive our joint customer’s results.

Integrated Software Partners

Andreoli & Associates, Inc.
ISI (Integrated Services, Inc.)
MAM Software
Profitboost Software
ASA Automotive Systems, Inc.
JMK Computerized TDIS
Mitchell 1
R.O. Writer - authorized partner
TCS Technologies - an ARI company
Navex Automotive Management System
Scott Systems
Tire Guru
MaddenCo, Inc.
Pace Software
SDR Software

Drive Non-Stop

Redefining Payment Services

Traditional payment services are built around the never-ending treadmill of acquiring new customers by offering lower rates. This produces a service strategy based on getting the customer initialized and then minimizing any further interactions, often resulting in long call wait times and little or no assistance in managing costs.

Integrated Technical Support

Our 1stMILE Support Team offers an integrated approach to technical support. Our team is trained on all of our partners systems allowing our customers to contact us with any payment issues. We will then follow through on behalf of our customer to the partner to resolve the issue. We believe so strongly in this approach that we have expanded the access to our services to include telephone, e-mail, browser-based and mobile. Customers can open tickets, check on status and communicate directly or indirectly with our support team.

Analytic Services

We expanded our service team to perform analysis and offer advice to assist our customers to maximize their revenues and minimize their costs. This team analyzes each customer’s incremental revenue results and their transaction costs. When a customer’s results fall outside our average customer result bands they open a service ticket and contact the customer to assist them in improving their results.

Security Services

Accepting credit cards brings a variety of compliance issues to customers. These can be confusing and often come with fines and penalties that can be debilitating. We offer a range of security services to help our customers achieve compliance and secure insurance to help mitigate costs associated with fines and fees associated with breaches.

In addition to security compliance, 1stMILE software also provides fraud and risk tools to help our customers monitor and control activities like refunds, repeat use of cards and e-commerce transactions.

Our Dedication

Our service team is dedicated to the non-stop performance of our software and the fulfillment of our vision, focus and commitments to our customers.

Support Services

Telephone Support

Priority telephone support for 1stMILE customers 6:00 A.M.- 6:00 P.M. (PST) Monday – Friday

Email Support

Priority email support for 1stMILE customers 6:00 A.M.- 6:00 P.M. (PST) Monday – Friday

Scheduled Support

Request assistance from our support team at a time that works for you. Coming Soon.

PCI Services

PCI Compliance solutions simplified.

Installation Assistance

New to 1stMILE? Schedule your installation at your convenience.

Hardware Services

Have questions about hardware needs or how to prepare for EMV. Our hardware services team is here to help.

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