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Tire Guru

At Tire Guru Software, Websites and More we develop and support state of the art point of sale and business management software, ecommerce websites, digital vehicle inspections, and more. We are fully committed to the tire and automotive industry and to providing state of the art leading edge products for Tire Dealers, Auto Repair Shops, and Tire Wholesale Distributors. We strive to bring new and innovative products and technology to our customers year after year. Tire Guru employees are focused on building a one-stop complete business solution platform. We are proud to provide products that truly give our customers a competitive advantage in the market place.

Voyager Card  We Card  Fuelman Card  Fleet One Card


More Repair Orders Drive Your Revenue
  • Grow Revenue by accepting Goodyear, Bridgestone/Firestone, AutoPass and more Automotive Finance Cards, helping you retain customers, increase number of repair orders, and raising average purchase prices. *Card Setup with Bank Required
  • Accept Fleet Cards at no additional cost (Voyager, WEX, Fuelman, FleetOne, MasterCard Fleet, and Visa Fleet) and open yourself up to the Fleet market.
  • Zero markup of interchange rates and decreasing downgrades create large savings.
  • Next Day Funding on all Card Types.
Simplify Your Business
  • Integrated
  • Signature and receipt printed right on the invoice
  • Signature capture, stored accounts on file (Tokenization), EMV, and mobile wallets
  • Auto batching to save time
  • Processing on multiple workstations.
  • PCI compliance program
  • No set-up fees, no contract, and no cancellation fees!
Auto Repair Finance Program (Secondary Financing)
CFS is fully Integrated with 1stMILE Supplements Automotive Finance Card Turndowns Drive More Transactions, Provide More Options, Retain More Customers

  • Loans From $350-$7500, 12 Months To 36 Months
  • Accepts Credit Scores In The Mid 500’s
  • No Setup Fees Or Monthly Minimums When Using 1stMILE Pro
  • Fully Digital, No Paperwork
  • Near Instant Approval
  • Short Term Installment Loans (NOT a Credit Card)
  • No Recourse For Non-Payment From Customer
  • Simple Interest Notes From 9.9% (Capped Per State)

*In Participating States Only

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