Worldpay Conversion Issues, Status and Workarounds

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Maintenance, Worldpay Conversion

IQ Portal

  1. Can’t access IQ Portal. This can only be fixed at Worldpay.  Please open a case with support and they will contact Worldpay for you with the information needed to activate your account.  Their turn-around time is typically 24 hours.  You will receive an email with registration instructions.  This email is only good for 24 hours so please register as soon as you receive it.  You might need to check your spam folder.

UPDATE – This can be fixed with Merchant Partners.  Most issues can be resolved immediately, but may take up to a business day.

  1. You can access IQ Portal but cannot see any statements – This issue typically happens when the MID is not associated with the IQ Portal account. Please open a case with support and they will contact Worldpay for you with the information needed to activate your account.  Their turn-around time is typically 24 hours.

Gift Cards

  1. Declines on issuing of new gift cards – There was problems with Worldpay on the conversion of un-issued card stock from the heritage WP platform to the new Core WP platform. For an unknown reason, Worldpay looks at those un-issued cards as issued cards with a zero balance for over 12 months and didn’t convert them.  There is no fix at Worldpay.  The solution is to contact our support team.  They will create a case to replenish your gift cards.  You will need to provide the number of cards needed and artwork used for the cards.
  2. Balance Inquiry Declines – If a card is activate with a zero balance Worldpay Core responds with ND Declined, leaving the merchant thinking the card is no longer valid. The customer must process a reload to add value back to the card and then balance inquiry will work.

UPDATE – This issue can only be resolved by Worldpay re-issuing gift cards.  Turn-around time once artwork has been approved is 4-6 weeks.

Multiple Deposits, Incorrect Deposits

On heritage Worldpay you were used to receiving a single deposit from your daily settlement. With the move to Worldpay Core there are some changes that will affect how many deposits and what amounts you will see.

  1. Next Day Funding – Next Day Funding cut-off on the Worldpay core platform is 3:45 pm PST. If you are on central, mountain or pacific time zones this will affect how much is deposited into your account.  For instance, if you are on PST time zone and close at 7 pm, all transactions from 3:45 pm to 7 pm would NOT show up in your next day funding and would be added to the following days settlement.  There is no workaround or alternative on the Worldpay platform for a later cut-off date.
  2. Multiple Deposits – You are not on Next Day Funding and are seeing multiple deposits for a single day. Worldpay has found a problem in the conversion that has caused a 3:45 pm (PST) for all accounts.  This would force the system to close the batch at 3:45 pm and then again at your normal close time.  There is no workaround for this.  Worldpay is working on a fix.  Current time to release a fix is 8/30.

UPDATE – Worldpay has a resolution to this issue.  A case needs to be created and then the information is submitted weekly to Worldpay.  Each Monday, Worldpay will submit the MIDS for an ACRO change.  This will be moved into production on Tuesday.  Deposits should be correct by Friday of the submitted week.